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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 440ml is Natural & Vegan, cold-pressed & un-refined. Coconut oil offers many facial benefits. It acts as a cleanser, moisturizes your skin, treats dry lips, hydrates your skin, exfoliates your skin, and can be used as a night cream. Coconut oil can be used as a hair moisturiser. For dry hair, simply apply a small amount to the hair, leave it in for a few minutes and then wash out. Coconut oil has a high smoke point and a longer shelf life than some other fats. As it is solid at cooler temperatures, it can be used widely: for baking, frying, smoothies or cooking, and as a replacement for butter or vegetable oil in recipes.


The best time to take Virgin Coconut Oil is an hour after meal, can also take it on an empty stomach. For instance, a table spoon of virgin coconut oil first thing in the morning is perfect. Coconut oil can be used as food or other beverages, use as a cooking oil, and use directly on skin and hair as a moisturiser


Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil








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