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Diploma in Accounting

Institut Teknologi A.N.S Johor Bahru
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RM 22,000.00 Apply Now!
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RM 22,000.00 Apply Now!
Diploma in Accounting is a stepping stone and the perfect start for future accountants as this programme provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge in the areas of accounting, technical skills related to business principles and major practises in handling and preparing accounts and financial reports.
8 Semesters / 2 Years 6 Months
Johor Bahru
100% PTPTN Available
RM 688.00 per
RM 22,000.00 total fee

Students also will be exposed to the computerised accounting system to prepare them with knowledge on technology, principles of taxation, auditing and cost & management accounting. These are the essential input and skills for them to acquire before beginning a career path in various professional accounting bodies and other business sectors.

[R2/344/4/0082(MQA/FA 1705)02/27]

Entry Requirements

A pass in SPM or its equivalent with a minimum of three (3) credits including Mathematics;
A pass in STPM or its equivalent with a minimum of Grade C
(GP 2.0) in any subject and credit in SPM Mathematics;
A pass in STAM with a minimum grade of Maqbul (pass) and credit in SPM Mathematics;
A certificate or its equivalent in a related field;
A pass in SKM Level 3 in a related field and a pass in SPM with
a minimum credit in Mathematics subject to Senate approval and MUST attend bridging courses;
Pass BTEC Level 3 and pass SPM or its equivalent, with a minimum of one (1) credit in any subjects and credit in Mathematics;
Entry requirements for admission into the Diploma’s programme (Level 5, MQF) through APEL as approved by the Ministry of Education (MOHE). Applicants must be/have:

  • A Malaysian citizen; and    ​
  • The candidate should be more than 20 years of age in the year of application​
  • Relevant work experience / prior experiential learning; and
  • Pass the APEL Assessment​

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Management
  • Business Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Information Technology
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Appreciation of Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Business Ethics and Values
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Business Law
  • Business Statistics
  • Financial Accounting I
  • Financial Accounting II
  • Financial Accounting III
  • Financial Accounting IV
  • Introduction to Company Law
  • Computerised Accounting System
  • Principles of Taxation
  • Taxation for Decision Making
  • Auditing
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Intro to Digital Business
  • Industrial Training

The Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO) of this programme is to prepare graduates who are able to:

  1. Learn Bookkeeping concepts with the ability to prepare full sets of financial statements.
  2. Get in-depth with concepts and terminology of cost, including the different techniques of cost management.
  3. Learn the nature and fundamental concepts of auditing, emphasis on external and statutory audits.
  4. Calculate and prepare of tax assessments, and an introduction to corporate law.
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