Cartoon faucet connector Helps children wash hands

Cartoon faucet connector Helps children wash hands

Product Description

1. Clear the phone’s surface with a diameter of 3.2 cm. And set a diameter of 3-4.8 cm. The faucet is too small or bending down vertically inappropriately. To avoid repurchase, use outlet diameter. (Faucet diameter is less than 3 cm. Or a faucet larger than 4.8 cm.)

2. About Material: We are made of soft rubber. The texture is very soft and the quality is very good – because the water weather will harden and the water will soften.

3. About size: If professional faucet is slightly larger than the suit, please do not use bubbles about 40 degrees in and then screw it in!

4. This product can add some fun to kids to wash their hands, let them fall in love by washing their hands.

Size: 10x11x8.5cm

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